Here are the Facts on Why Owning a New HomeInstead of an Older Home is the Right Move Now.

Here are the reasons why.

Buying a new home instead of an older home just makes sense. And making the decision to buy now while rates and prices are low is one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make. When you buy new you get your tastes, the latest in technology and energy efficiency. Plus, buying an older home can sometimes bring with it unexpected surprises. You never know what expensive repairs are hiding behind the walls, and after-closing expenses can sometimes far exceed the savings you think you might be getting. Buy new and buy now.

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Here are a few reasons why buying “new and now” make sense:

Why Buy Now:

  • As the economy recovers, record low prices will begin to rise
  • Interest rates will inevitably rise from today’s historic low rates
  • Builder incentives, discounts and special deals may soon disappear

Why Buy New:

  • Your new home comes with a warranty
  • New homes are built to the latest housing codes
  • Features are more advanced and include home technology
  • New homes are much more energy efficient
  • Green building practices are often incorporated
  • You have your choice of a wide variety of inventory

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